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I've created a home page for each course I teach for DevelopMentor. To get started simply click on one of the navigation buttons at the top of this page, which will direct you to the course home page.  There you'll find all the links and resources you need or could ever possible want (ok, maybe that's too much to hope for).  In particular, the class demos are available, so you can practice all the things you learned in class from the comfort of your favorite chair at Starbucks (or any cafe equipped with wi-fi).  Enjoy!

No matter which course you're attending, you'll want to check out Tony's ENet, Wni3 and ELinq delicious web pages, which is chuck full of links to articles, tools and resources related to .Net application development.

See what's going on inside my brain by checking out my technical blog.  I'm getting better at keeping it current.

Course Humor
Here are a few audio and video clips to make you smile.  The most popular selections are listed below.

Humorous Video Clips:

We Share Your Pain

NYT's David Pogue on Windows Vista

Don Box's Bath Tub Talk on Soap

Humorous Audio Clips:

Code Monkey Song

Why Shipping Vista Turned Out to Be Hard

Unit Test Song

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