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Now that I'm home and have a bit more time, I've taken up my video hobby once again.  Basically, I shoot some video using my mini-DV digital camcorder, then use import the video into my desktop computer using firewire.  After that, I bring it into Microsoft Movie Maker, which comes free with Windows Vista.  There I can edit scenes, insert music with transitions and an opening title, and presto!  I've made a home video!

So then, how am I able to post these videos so you can see them on this web page?  Most of the time you need a web server that supports streaming video and has lots of space for storing video files.  That costs big bucks, and I'd like to stick with my web hosting company (, which supports ASP.Net and has plans starting at just $8.95 per month (with 24 hour live tech support to boot!).

Before uploading your video, you'll probably want to encode it as WMV with a quality that's appropriate for streaming.  I use Windows Media Encoder 9 Series and seem to end up with output that's a little crisper.

The answer, of course, is Google Video!  Just click on that link and off you go.  What's great about this is that your video is stored on Google's servers and it's free!  You'll need to set up a Google account, but that's easy and doesn't cost anything.  You can elect either to make your video public, in which case anyone can search for it, or private, which people can only find who have a direct link.

All that's really cool, but here's the kicker.  When you upload your video, you get a snippet of HTML which you can paste into any web page to embed the Google video player and point directly to your video.  That way, people don't need to go to another web site, where there may be unrelated videos shown and other stuff you may not care for your viewers to see.

So here are our first offerings, starting with Kerrigan's first steps at 13 months, then another at 17 months.  I've also put up a very brief animation with a hippo singing a song from the Lion King movie.  Enjoy.

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